Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Talk back

Well what a big weekend here in downtown Leo.

I worked most of the weekend and feel like i missed out on all the action, but hey it's gotta be done. My Liver will be grateful at the lack of alcohol it was required to break down. Unlike many other Livers around town... geez there were a lot of hangovers and sorry souls in town.

I 'worked' for the Shire (thanks to JB) on Sunday morning, helping out with the runners registrations. It was the best so-called work i've ever done! It was Fun! We were out in the sunshine, in the middle of all the action. We got entertained by a crazy clown and Dorothy the Dinosaur, watched a few of the sprints, ate donuts, chatted to locals, ate hotdogs... it was tough going!

Next year I'll make sure i have the day off from the hospital so i can work for the Shire the whole day!

* * * * * *

I got up at 5am and gym'd with JB. I used the new fantastico-super-dooper treadmill. As a complete gadget lover i was almost overwhelmed by all the flashing lights and options. Heck the thing even has a TV on it! At the end of the day you get on... run your guts out... sweat all over it...run a bit more...then get off. TV or no TV it achieves what most treadmills do.

I came home, showered and went back to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz

I sleep far too much.

* * * * * *

Random comment for today...

I hate Talk-back radio.

It makes me feel so darn uncomfortable, i know it shouldn't... but it does.

I spend the whole time feeling sorry for the callers who are sounding like complete twats... usually old folk (who I'm sure use it as their only chance to speak to someone in the week) they speak slowly, misinterpret what the announcer has asked, miss their cue to begin talking ....
"on the line next we have Joan from naggsville"
"Good morning Joan"
"Hello Joan??... "
(longer silence)
"Are you there Joan? "
(Joan finally acknowledges) ... 'oh, um good morning, am i on? hello? testing testi..
"Yes Joan we can hear you..."

Then the announcer/s spend the whole time hurrying callers up, cutting them off and getting stuck in awkward situations when Beryl-from-Bundenberg starts prattling off about her grandchildren... (which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic) and they're trying to get a word in to tell her to shut up!!

Awww, it just puts me on edge the whole time. Husband loves it... especially when it's footy related, and especially when we're travelling in the car... he says it 'gives him something to do'.

I say 'thank god for my iPod'.


Melissa said...

Footy related?

Jennafina said...

Thanks for your help on Sunday morning, you were fabulous, yes we have you already booked for next year to help out (all day!), so we can mingle more, eat more, drink more, oh and of course to do some work!

Drea said...

Yeah Mel... footy.. football.. Aussie Rules you need to Google it!
They go on & on about whether the umpires should've reported this or that, and whether someone is in good form...blah blah!

Melissa said...

Got it now, thanks! Thought perhaps you were listening to a podiatrist's talk show ...