Wednesday, June 13, 2007

sheep in the oven... baaaa!

4 nights down...and now for some days off. Yeehaar.

I've spent the last two nights doing my job application for the D.O.N position at the hospital. I said I'd never do it, and I must be mad to even apply, but heck 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' thats my motto and you can remind me of that (if by some remote chance i get the job) and am moaning ahout how crap it is in a few months time.

Its no great loss if i don't get it, I quite like doing what I do at the moment... but its all about feathers in hats!! Experience experience experience blaaaahh.

I've made the BIG decision to cook a lamb roast for dinner. Gee whiz whacky doo. Husband has cooked dinner for like the last million nights in a row, so i thought i'd give the big guy a rest. Oh and he has to work tonight and i've got the day off so i guess its kinda fair! I hate cooking. I'm a crap cook.. it's hard to be good at something when you dislike it and its hard to like something when your crap at it. Get it?
Anyway, a lamb roast is by no-means 'rocket science' so i shall give it a go.
Not that my rocket science theory is any insurance for a palatable dinner. Luckily husband is about the most NON-fussy eater in the whole world, he always pretends to like my attempts to produce edible goods. Once he said to me (which thinking about it now - it was really quite cute) "Umm Drea, maybe you should just stick to making your staple kind of dishes and leave the creative dishes to me" .... Haaaaaarrr! By 'staple' dishes he means the only things i ever cook that are reasonably safe - Apricot chicken, Chow Mein and Lasagne.

Anyway I'll be sure to take pictures because YES i can post PICTURES now .... yes YAY, not that I'm sure you havent noticed, or have noticed, but you should've noticed. Hmmm. Time for bed me thinks...brain sluggish from selection criteria addressing and 10 hours of night shift.




Melissa said...

Mmm - lamb roast. Sounds delicious!

I think the key to cooking is slowly branching out. It's a theory anyway, I'll report back when I've put it into practice.

Debstar said...

So how did the lamb roast go? I'm not much of a cook either. If the foods not so good hubby just suggests I lose the recipe.