Sunday, June 24, 2007

Toss in a salad

I ate so much crap on night shift last night - that i felt ill by the time i got home into bed this morning.

REALITY CHECK... why are you busting your arse in the gym each day then eating chocolate and iced coffee like a freak???

I had a long chat to husband, confessing my eating sins (admitting to him that i frequently lie to him about what i eat and drink and that YES i do drink Iced coffee... every day)... its a bit like reverse anorexia isn't it? Instead of hiding the fact your not eating, i have my own crazy disorder that finds me lying about what i do eat. weird. Husband was pretty annoyed and disappointed in me, but said 'at least it makes a bit of sense now why you're not losing any weight when you work so hard in the gym' poor guy, i think he thought i had some severe metabolic disorder and despite all my best efforts i was unable to shed blubber.

Anyway, to cut a long long story short, i have devised a plan to take a bit of responsibility with my health. Its long overdue, i've needed a good kick up the arse for a while now. Here it is...
  • I will no longer lie to husband about my food. (its actually a huge relief that i fessed up!)
  • I no longer drink milk (since i seem to be obsessional about it)
  • I will take more pride in myself... take the time to get ready for the day instead of slothing out in PJ's like a big lump.
  • I need to realise that i am overweight, it won't go away unless I eat properly and no one else can do that for me!
  • I must drink 2 litres of H20 daily.

So, lets see how i go.

* * * * * *

Husband made a humongous pot of Chook n vegie soup today. I'd forgotten about his winter soups... they are fab tasting and healthy. I bought some to work and ate it at midnight for 'dinner'. Sluuurrp...Peeerrfect. (hmmm, and to think for dinner last night i had Freckles and Iced coffee..WTF?? See what i mean about my 'disorder'??)

We gym'd again this arvo.... 3km run and X-trainer. puff puff.

* * * * * *

2 & 1/2 night shifts to go. who's counting?

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Melissa said...

Best of luck with the new plan, Drea! Stick to your guns. With all the exercising you're doing, you should see a difference soon. It sounds like bringing dinner to work with you is the way to go.

Unless that thing is Freckles :)