Sunday, June 10, 2007


Just for Melissa! Now that I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find a picture of them I am seriously craving some... Allens brand have the best Freckles ever... Surely you know what I'm talking about now?!
If you open the bag, put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, shake the bag around, return & nuke for a further 20 seconds they go semi-soggy and you can eat them out of the bag with a spoon. Delish.

* * * * * *

I'd just like to say a big (sarcastic!) THANK YOU to Debstar for this post on nicknaming
gym-folk. I went to the gym this afternoon and found myself attaching nicknames to everyone that walked in the door.

Firstly there were husbands 2 work buddies - although I know them well, i couldn't help but think of what other people might nickname them ... probably 'pretty boys' because they're young and body-beautiful and perhaps a bit snobby to others in the gym. Then a girl who should be known as 'Wonder Woman' because she's halved in size since she first came to town. She's a regular at the gym and is starting to look awesome. Lastly (but by no means least impressive) is 'Mr Sweaty'. Ugh. I've mentioned him before and haven't seen him for a while, but today he returned bigger & sweatier than ever. He gets on the treadmill, running at FULL incline at a kazillion miles an hour. Mr Sweaty never does things half arsed- he goes hard at it for the whole time....wearing nothing other than his shiny black bike pants and a sweat band on his head. Thats IT!! -NO shirt... NO TOWEL! Uuurrrkk. I can't relax when he's there - not because of the sweat flying from his wirey body in all directions.... no, it's because he looks like he's about to cark it any second. He pushes himself so god-damn hard its frightening. I spend the whole time having visions that he's going to go flying off the back of the treadmill & crack his sweaty noggin' open on the weights bench behind him. I tell you - Mr Sweaty is dicing with death. He runs precariously close to the back of the treadmill, one stuff up and it's all over. It scares the living bejesus out of me.

* * * * * *
I'm on nightshift and am on my 4th cup of coffee (hot... not I'm supposed to be writing a job application but have zero enthusiasm.
Its my 2nd night and its going S-L-O-W-L-Y.
Y A W N ....
Last night i worked with JB which always makes the 10 hour shift go quicker because it's fun. We have a crossword 'challenge' whenever we do nights together (which is not that often these It started off as a way of killing an hour, now its just pure competition. I'm pretty certain she's never beaten me yet. We get the big Crossword from the 'New Weekly-trashy mag' and photocopy it so we both have a copy. We usually start at 2am and have an hour to see who can get the most done. We'd built ourselves up for the challenge last night only to discover the hospital photocopier was broken. It was a tragedy! We had no way of both getting a copy of the crozzle... Disappointment PLUS!
Until we discovered our break-n-enter skills were pretty damn fine.
The GP's office in the same building has a small sliding glass panel thingy- like a 'welcome window' and through that window staring at us was a beautiful photocopier.
Well lets just say that JB managed to pry open the sliding glass thingy enough for me to climb up- n-through it so we could use their photocopier!! (I almost had to do the splits to fit through & it could've all gone horribly wrong!) BUT we managed to print off 2 copies and the crozzle comp was ON! (Phew!)

As usual I whipped her butt.


Jennafina said...


Yes we did do a bit of criminal activity on nights (break and entering, stealing food (S/R's) and pinching fruit from the fruit trees) - I just wish I went I got my camera that would of being a perfect shot of you breaking into office. We MUST confess our sins to Bev!

Next time you do rosters and your on nights, give me a shift with you, - and I promise I will whip your arse in Crosswords, (you know I wasn't feeling the best that night so my brain was not 100%!)

Can you imagine what others would nickname us in the gym? (I would hate to think) Thank god we go early in the morning's as there is no one around except the Lab guys (we nicknamed them the "originals")oh and I forgot Mr. Mobile man.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the picture, Drea - they look tasty!

I am impressed with both your agility and commitment to the crossword puzzle competition.

Sue said...

What a picture that would have made of you climbing through the window. Could you imagine if you had gotten stuck and you had to call for help, how would you have explained????? The things you see when you don't have a camera.....

Debstar said...

Nicknaming people adds abit of fun to a gym workout don't you think? Mr Sweaty sounds disgusting. You should complain to management. I think that by rights they are supposed to wear a shirt - something to do with health & safety issues.